The Queendom

Atlanta, Power, Healing

The Queendom is a musical duo, comprised of  AUDIADASOUND and Rocket Rhonnie, coming out of Atlanta's underground scene, but nothing about their aesthetic is understated. Dealing mostly with hip hop, but not shy about delving into other genres such as R&B, rock, and pop, the Atlanta natives have been creating a unique sound since they linked up in 2016. The perfect storm of a talented producer in Audia who was working at Avant Garde Exchange for nearly a decade, and Rhonnie who has done audio engineering at Music Box and Sound Resort Studios, the duo’s music is polished and inviting. They draw influences for their sound from other Atlanta rappers and producers, hoping to be a duo on the level of Outkast one day soon. For them, the way that Andre 3k and Big Boi were able to make raw and transparent observations on life musical and accessible was fresh, and allowed them to create a following of deeply involved fans. But while they aspire to the same authenticity, The Queendom's themes take their music in a whole different direction.

On their first project Queenshit Era, The Queendom strives for a magnificent and grandiose sound on songs like "Duty" and "Ride". The music video for "Duty", which was created by Mike Danners of IAMEYE photos, is an epic court scene, inspired by the Zack Snyder film 300. Literally on a pedestal and wearing striking sculptural dresses, the Queens are unabashed about asserting their dominance of the field. However, with the release of a couple singles off their upcoming album VICE, AUDIA and Rhonnie have decided to explore a different, more soul-inflected sound.

On “I Deserve This”, they talk about smoking weed to relax and reward themselves for putting up with the stresses and difficulties of everyday life, encouraging the viewer to love what they love and to take space for themselves.

The “I Deserve This” video invites viewers into their smoke room, a private space for decompression, but the video for “Be Bare” is an even more vulnerable portrayal of foreplay between the artists and their partners. With the themes of their first album and new singles coming together, the discography of the Queendom is turning into a well-rounded message of self-empowerment, modern creativity and the divine feminine.
Statement by Omar El-Sabrout


Duty Music Video
Directed by: Mike Danners

Be Bare Music Video/BTS Photos
Directed by: B.Rxb

Be Bare BTS Photos (additional)

Truck Image
Cleopatra "NAIRA" Adedeji

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