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The Future Happened education initiative is a program for youth designed to spark an understanding of the vital roles that music plays in our lives, and how art acts as a door to these ideas. 

The program encourages participants to explore and utilize their creative capacity for visual storytelling through the design process of making a zine. The initiative encourages participants to construct art that they can feel that they are a part of by reflecting on their culture, emotions and stories. Through the process of zine making, we hope young adults learn the fundamentals of visual communication which allows for self expression, empathy, the understanding of others, and a greater sense of community, in addition to the fun of sharing through creativity.


The Future Happened Zine Challenge examines the most fundamental utilities of music, how it can reflect our emotions, alter our emotions, reflect our histories and hopes. Building on this understanding, participants explore what it means to use visual art to describe music, how music is expressed visually, and how this relationship can help us form deeper connections to the power of music and what it represents. During the creation process, participants are encouraged to draw inspiration from contemporary and loved historical examples of zines. We hope that The Future Happened exhibit allows participants to reflect on the works of those who have boldly celebrated being different, and how the differences between us can dissolve when we learn through sharing that we aren't as alone as we might think. More importantly, we hope that the creative freedom and expression offered by the zine format encourages a deeper introspection for each participant and the issues and events that matter to them the most. Zines have the power to reflect the energy of entire movements of people, places and communities. We urge participants to look into the video and zine examples provided here and do more research into local zines in your area or famous zines throughout history.

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The Future Happened Zine Guide provides more information on how to begin the process of making your own zine. The questions proviced by this comprehensive guide can help uncover subject matter for your zine. Sometimes starting is the hardest part, so we encourage participants to think about topics, issues, people or events that inspire you. You can also get started by thinking about which materials you would want to work with whether it be physical crafts or digital design tools you might want to learn. Most importantly, remember to have fun! 

Zine Challenge Guide

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Zine Submission

Would you like to showcase your zine? Finished zines will be featured by MODA on their official Instagram page. Send us your zine or a couple pages you are really proud of.

Tag #FutureHappenedZine when posting your zine to social media for the chance to have your work featured by MODA!


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