Set by Skye

Atlanta, Power, Community

The story of Atlanta Hip Hop in the last two decades has been the story of creatives from all walks of life finding ways to give voice to their experience. The music is vivid, yet the visual documentation of these soundscapes through film, video and art continues to leave indelible marks on the culture. Among those framing these narratives right before our eyes, is Marina Skye—professionally known as Set By Skye. Skye is an interior space designer, someone who turns a space into a venue by giving it a cohesive feel and concept.

A Los Angeles native who came to Atlanta to attend Clark Atlanta University, Skye’s earliest creative endeavors in Atlanta involved throwing parties, decorating and designing restaurant and club spaces, as well as working with the Milk and Cookies Festival and Room Escape Atlanta.

Through these events, Skye was able to cultivate and refine her talent for curating an experience, with her set designs demonstrating her ability to create visually striking scenes and evoke responses from the public. 

Fast forward to Skye’s powerful and immaculate set design for Jidenna's 85 to Africa tour, her contributions to T.I.’s Trap Music Museum, and her conceptual work on 21 Savage's Motel 21—a room by room installation-homage to 21's origins—have cemented her as a critical figure in Atlanta Hip Hop’s visual culture.

As music coming from—and through—Atlanta continues to influence the music industry, the art associated with this sonic movement is one of the biggest gateways for the audience to connect with the artists and their stories. And as the culture continues to evolve, so too, will its aesthetics, branding, and styles. However, though the icons and symbols may change, the heart of capturing the essence of these artists will remain the same. And we're willing to bet that Set by Skye will be there designing and helping shape those images of the future.
Statement by Omar El-Sabrout