Holly Andres

Atlanta, Community, Power

Not many people would be willing to build a rig in the middle of a lake, to set a couch on fire, then lug the wet, scorched, putrid couch home, for a single image. But then again, Holly Andres isn't like many people. Born and raised in Montana, USA, Andres received a BFA from the University of Montana, where her focus was on Drawing and Painting. However, after a trip to Paris, and specifically the Centre Pompidou, Andres became enamored with video and photographic art and decided to pursue her MFA at the Northwest Film Center Oregon. She began to create work in the vein of Gregory Crewdson and Cindy Sherman, work that utilized large-scale installation, and planning, in order to capture images that are extremely narrative in their representation of events or archetypes in American life. The scenes Andres wanted to represent often have to do with memory, sets of events that she recalls vividly from her childhood, growing up with 9 siblings in Montana.

After several successful global exhibitions and teaching for many years however, Andres decided she would like to change tracks and decided to begin working in editorial and commercial photography. Which is how she began working with many talented arists and figures such as Portland-natives Esperanza Spalding and Blossom, helping them cultivate the visual aesthetic for their elaborate and magical musical styles. Particularly in her work for Esperanza Spalding, Andres uses her ability to research and prepare as a launching off point for an improvisatory and scrappy style guides the work.

Andres describes working in musical design as exciting because it is collaborative in a way that photography isn't always, drawing inspiration for the work from the lyrics and sound of the music that her work accompanies.

Andres sees the new work that she is making as a natural extension of the art she was making before, not pretentious or "elite", but accessible and cool and catchy. She hopes to expand her work to be more directorial, having recently made her debut with a music video she created for Portland guitarist M. Ward's song, "Violet for Your Furs", a beautiful aquamarine-toned view of a 50s style-modification of her home serving as the backdrop for the performance.

More of Holly’s work at:
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Statement by Omar El-Sabrout

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