Daito Manabe


Daito Manabe is a creative technologist who, with his team Rhizomatics, has been pushing the boundaries of technology and performance, working alongside artists such as Ryuichi Sakamoto, DJ Krush, Flying Lotus, Squarepusher and many others.

His relentless curiosity drives him “to find new fascinations of the body and physicality through the use of technology.” He pushes and is pushed through his connection with like-minded creative partners, who together share an overall commonality which he believes underlies innovation, the ability to feel comfortable in uncertainty and the focus on self directed learning. Part of this comfort comes from “prototyping and small experiments,” another piece is having no attachment to an idea that isn’t working, only putting what “seems to work, out into production.”

Daito shares with MODA a video he composed for recording artist, KAZU titled “Come Behind Me, So Good!” Daito utilizes a range of techniques for capturing movement, light, and spatial data in order to create his work. No stranger to pushing the boundaries of capturing performance, Daito has explored the use of spatial computing in collaborations with artists throughout his career as many of these tools and techniques began to emerge.

See more of Daito Manabe’s work at www.daito.ws/en ↗︎
Statement  & Interview by Marlon Fuentes