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C Prinz, Sarah Prinz, is an LA-based director, editor and choreographer who was brought in by clipping. to do work on the last two albums they made. Her work for the most recent album, Visions of Bodies Being Burned, does an incredible job of capturing and translating what the music is saying, but through an entirely different lens. Coming from a dance background, Prinz's work often deals with body movement and gesture and so much of what the piece is about is the power of the expression held within a small array of movements, juxtaposed. The video breathes this dense and humid life into the music, at once disconcerting and mesmerizing. Cutting from shots of dancers to Mike Nesbit's split-house installation, and back to Diggs rapping in a tumultuous and frantic way, puts the viewer in a state of discomfort. Exactly the goal that Prinz is striving for.

Prinz strives to make work that asks something of the viewer and forces them to confront some part of themselves that is entirely sensation-based, instead of necessarily cerebral.

Part of this ethos draws on Prinz's admiration of the GAGA movement language created by Ohad Naharin of the Bat Sheva Dance Company in Tel Aviv, Israel, which focuses on creating forms that illicit sensation in the viewer and performer rather than creating pleasing shapes.

Working alongside clipping., Prinz is given a lot of freedom because the trio prefers to entrust their collaborators with their work, instead of giving them a list of ideas they want fulfilled. This liberty to produce a concept which is inspired solely by the response to the music, as Prinz does, creates a work that is more fluidly connected to the music and allows space for the viewer to enter.
Statement by Omar El-Sabrout

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